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Originally from the deep south, Josh lewis is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter with a dark past and a lot of crazy stories to tell. Born into a life of drugs and violence to an addict mother who was part of a biker gang, Josh says his art and his music are what kept him sane and kept him from going down the same dark path of his mother. The unique perspective he gained from his childhood hardships and the struggles he faced getting out of that life are the inspiration for the stories he tells with his dark, emotional, bluesey-folk-rock music.
“I know I’m not the best guitarist or the best singer in the world… in fact, I feel like the only thing I really have going for me is that every time I perform, whether it's in front of a crowd or by myself in my backyard, I get lost in the music, I give it my all. I rip my heart out of my chest, I bare my soul, and I think people feel that.” Josh says about what sets him apart from other musicians. “I want an intimate soul connection with my audience. I want to take them on a journey, to feel the ups and downs with me and to hopefully inspire them.”
Painful Legacy, the upcoming JOSHUA debut album is in progress and will hopefully be released within the next year. In the meantime he plans to perform at small local venues to start building a fanbase.

"I want an intimate soul connection with my audience."

                                                             - Josh Lewis

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